Tony Colston-Hayter

Should I/ do you have any sympathy?

Ask twitter or facebook maybe.

Of no relevance to dance music history?

Ancient history, he’s continued to be a twat.

So, that’ll be a no?

Also, by my reckoning, Downtown New York 1981 pre-dates Effingham Junction 1989.

I think people need to be kinder to those who have mental health problems compounded/started/exaggerated by drug use. We all have people that have fallen by the wayside.
They might not be deserving of our kindness necessarliy but…

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Kind of why I posted. I don’t think it’s any secret that most people on here will have long thought him to be a bit of twat.

Attitudes around addiction, forgiveness etc?

He is a career criminal who has been ripping people off for decades, his involvement in dance music is a footnote in that. Then throw his involvement with Guido Fawkes in to the pot and the picture gets worse.


He’s an easy person to dislike, and I think his relevance to the development of dance music culture is being vastly overstated. I’ll try to avoid offering a possible diagnosis, but I wouldn’t want to have to live with the cognitive dissonance that must exist within the head of someone who very publicly proclaims themselves to be a highly successful high-stakes gambler while simultaneously engaging in highly antisocial but ultimately rather pathetic and relatively low level frauds like these. It all seems rather delusional and desperate. For the sake of the society that we all have a shared interest in, I hope he gets the help he evidently needs before he causes more damage to others and to himself.


Very mature post. I’d expect nothing less from you, Mr M.

I wasn’t trying to defend or excuse his behaviour. He was Tory house before Tory house even, erm, existed.

Anyone that can steal half a million quid from a bank with a Boss RC-30 guitar pedal is a hero in my eyes and I’ll die on that hill.

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100% with you, i mean look at this beauty!

It reminded me of this old post


I hate to shed drab daylight on magic, but his amazing-criminal-mastermind fraud-machine simply impersonated a banks automated security system by playing pre-recorded prompts down the phone to unsuspecting punters who thought their bank was calling to alert them to ‘fraudulent activity’ on their accounts - his machine would record his victims a/c number and security PIN when they were prompted to provide them. He would then phone their banks and use those details to transfer money to his own account, and would use the machine to pitch his voice up if he was impersonating a woman. Very much at the unsophisticated end of bank fraud. People like him only have to get lucky a few times in order to net a reasonable amount.


Ha :grin:!
(Although Effingham was Energy wasn’t it)

Yes, it was. I stand corrected.

I wasn’t there.

Neither was I. Sadly I was in a nearby pub garden wondering what that racket was. Was at the next one tho…whooosh :wink:

At least Lou turned out alright.