Non-music Podcasts

This one fails at 50% of the topic criteria, but have been meaning to get around to it for ages and am currently in the midst of an absolutely delighted binge:

Cocaine is a hell of a drug …

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I do love his books though, Less Than Zero and Rules of Attraction are so good

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Not sure if Blindboy has been mentioned here but 100% worth checking out. He has hosted a very rare interview with Sinead O’Connor too. Last episode began with his reasons for why Prince’s old house looks like a call centre. It’s not all about music though-pretty eclectic.

I’m halfway through The Shards and that’s equally as good IMO. I think I’d revisit his podcasts and dive in further if they weren’t behind a paywall.

American Psycho is the best critique of Reaganomics/Yuppie culture ever written and it baffles me why it isn’t recognised as one of the great American novels of the late 20th century.