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Hi all
I used to be a lurker on the old DJH site but have forgotten my old username.

Does anybody have any recommendations for non-music podcasts?

I quite keen to listen to some conversational podcasts - like the great interviews which Bill has recently done.

I’ve heard a cracking interview by Giles Peterson, talking to Ron Trent.

Appreciate any recommendations.

Cheers, Mike.

The Shamima Begum one, in the I am not a Monster series on I player is thought provoking.


Do you specifically mean podcasts talking about music, or talking about not music? If music, Tim Lawrence has a slightly academic-y leaning one called Love is the Message that has a bunch of dancing music history discussion.


Tiga’s Last Night on Earth fits your spec, he intervies different DJs @Flacid

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This has been interesting, and for full disclosure I’m only 3 episodes in.

This American Life is an absolutely brilliant podcast IMO, their one on South American migrants attempting to travel north won a Pulitzer. There’s also one about ‘joy’ and what makes us happy and it is honestly brilliant


I know @GrimsbyRiviera is also very keen on True Crime podcasts

Serial S3 on Ohio police is v good ( as are all Serial) - any other TC tips gladly received

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Yes any true crime or compelling podcast tips gratefully received.


Hi. Thanks for the recommendation. I’m interested in podcasts that are spoken word, rather than listening to music. cheers

I’d enjoy the Tim Lawrence one more if they both stopped saying ‘you know’ every other sentence. It would be half as long then, too.


Just read a review for this and it sounds great. From the makers of Serial with the NY Times. Sounds up your street @GrimsbyRiviera


Hmm yeah it does, thanks for the tip mate.

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Not exactly hidden away, but I find it fairly astonishing the Video Archives podcast doesn’t sit right near the top of the movie podcast charts. Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary natter about VHSs that would have graced the shelves of their old video store. I believe QT has the whole store recreated in his basement or something. On account of knowing QT most of a lifetime, Roger Avary can occasionally get a word in edgeways.

And Team Deakins is pretty no frills, but features Roger and James Deakins speaking to people from film sets they’ve worked with over the years (from gaffers and production designers to Josh Brolin and Frances McDormand).

I also very enjoy Wrestle Me, where an ardent fan of professional wrestling watches all the Wrestlemanias ever with someone who knows nothing of it. The stories of pro wrestling misadventure make rock stars and DJs sound like timid little librarians.


This is a really interesting podcast from The Guardian - about Sellafield. ‎The Audio Long Read: Dismantling Sellafield: the epic task of shutting down a nuclear site on Apple Podcasts

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Thanks for the tip on Wrestle Me! I’m an absolute junky for wrestling history. It’s like reliving every Saturday morning of my youth!

I’m loving the Tarantino/Avery podcasts thanks for shedding some light on these.
I switched recently to these from the Brett Easton Ellis interview podcasts which, whilst really entertaining and enlightening, I found somewhat bogged down by his soliloquies and really lengthy questions (almost delivered without taking a breath!). Man does he love the sound of his own voice!

@lazlo72 Haha. A bit ‘frying pan to fire’ when it comes to podcasts featuring chaps who aren’t shy of dominating a conversation.

Of a similar vein, ‘80s all over’ is two fellows who attempted to watch every major movie release of the 80s, month by month. They unfortunately ran out of juice by the middle of the decade, but an entertaining concept nonetheless.

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Did anyone listen to the Moment of Truth podcast at the end of last season, featuring Karl Robinson at Oxford United and Paul Warne at Rotherham Untd? I thought it was superb. Out of date now, but worth checking if you haven’t. It’s on BBC Sounds or the usual podcast places.


Yes, I mentioned it in the Behind the Goal thread. Was indeed superb.

(Jockey Slut fave Stevie ‘Sole’ on the knobs.)

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