Interesting people to follow on Bandcamp

Hi all, who are the interesting people who you follow on Bandcamp?

I don’t mean artists or acts but DJs, collectors or music heads you follow so you get email notifications about what they’ve been buying.

You show me yours and I’ll show you mine (fnah fnah etc). Ta x


I will be the first to admit that, even though i completely see the benefit of following interesting tastemakers on the platform, i have never quite figured out who they are in this modern age. Saying that, these are a couple of i follow who seem to buy interesting stuff that i like.

She seems to play out a lot and play nice new yorky soulful deep house stuff.

broken beat meets tribal house and uk bass stuff seems to be her bag, i rarely listen to her show but she offers up a nice alternative to the student-dj-post-hessle-audio brand of djs that seem to have taken over uk bass stuff.

No idea who this guy is, or how i came to be following him. He seems to buy a lot of Jazz music though.

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OK so here are some I follow on BC:

Balearic Mike (BTW, they’ve got a really good new Down To The Sea & Back Vol. 3 comp just out now!)

Andrew Jervis, he’s a Bandcamp curator and is good for weirdness.

Chris Coco, good for downtempo and also leftfield, oddball stuff


A few producer / DJ fan accounts that I assume are authentic. As a civilian I allow myself the fun of imagining a record shop where one can surreptitiously sneak a looks at what they’re wheeling around in their trolley


Can’t remember how I stumbled upon the rest of these. Probably some off of here, and some ‘this person just bought that record you bought’ notices. As an aside, the ‘so and so has bought this record because they saw it on your feed’ notifications, though infrequent, give me tiny little dose of happy chemicals every time.


Are we allowed to add uninteresting or unknown nerds to follow too @GrimsbyRiviera ?

If not, moving along… eff all to read here…

If so, x

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This is DJH, where we thrive on uninteresting and, especially, unknown, nerds!

Having said, what I’m looking for is the music that you BUY not the music that you RELEASE.

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I am the only one that buys my music, cos my mums not on here


I can’t figure out how to share one’s profile……

how do you get email notifications about what people have been buying? is there a setting for that?

whenever I’m in the market for UK stuff, especially newer house/techno/breaks, Ben UFO always has solid futuristic picks in his collection (wish he’d play a few of the weirder ones out more though…)

@Dubble_eh Don’t think it’s possible via the app - have to go via a browser and copy the web adress

@ramonpang Think email notifications are for artist releases only, fan stuff just crops on the feed

@ramonpang interesting to hear you say about not hearing the weirder stuff out - have had a couple of nights out in Bristol recently where the acts have been considerably more conservative than I was expecting. Probably correctly playing the room, but did wonder if it was just how things are going at the mo. Don’t get out enough for it to be a reliable sample size, though!

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@Ant.Plate I’ve bought one of your musics, and unless some pretty alarming / unlikely things have taken place of which I am blissfully unaware, I am not your mum

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Cheers. I’ll try it from my laptop✌️

I’ve followed this guy for as long as I can remember, I have no idea who he is but I’ve bought a lot of tunes because of him…

Other than that, I follow Bill, Luke Una, Cosmo, Phil Cooper and Jkriv. All impeccable taste.


I follow Sean Brazier too. Completely agree with your comment about getting a mini-buzz when you get an email that you helped someone buy a tune.

@mattra Do you have the link for the Cosmo page please? There’s a lot of Cosmo’s tossed out by a search!

@mattra not to worry. I have used some dullard level internet sleuthing to work it out

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mate I think supersquishee has already posted your profile: you’re Andrew Allsgood right?

If you like progressive / trance infused house then Alex Kassian is a good follow. Seems to surface a lot of stuff which is newly available on digital.

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As a relative newcomer to Bandcamp I’ve never really thought about following specific people to see if I can gain any inspiration from their collections. Now that you’ve put the idea in my mind, well let’s see. I started using Bandcamp to find music for my Ambient show on Vault so it has tended to be more obscure inexpensive albums outside the mainstream.
While my family might disagree I’m not listening to as much music as I used to and similarly have cut back on new purchases. Almost exclusively Bandcamp now except when Junodonload sends me a “we’ve missed you” discount voucher