Legacy In The Dust, The Four Aces Story

Hi there. Advance warning. We’re starting to do a few DJH events and this is the first effort. A collaboration with Everyman In Kings Cross. It’s a documentary on the history of the Four Aces, a seminal black music club in Dalston, that got bulldozed down the building of the new Dalston overground station. Small, scruffy venue, with a pretty amazing history. when I interview Eddy Grant, he told me he saw Stevie Wonder play live there in the 1960s.

There’s also an after party in Supermax with me and Ray Mang playing. Ticket link below.


I’ll definitely be coming to this. I’ve lived about 10 mins from the site of the Four Aces for the past 25 years. I remember the council or the developers taking the roof off in order to render it uninhabitable to squatters and to hasten its structural deterioration. The squatters made a valiant effort to save it, but it was already in a pretty poor state and would have cost a bomb to restore. I managed to take a look inside during the campaigning to save it, and remember there being a lovely piece of wrought-ironwork inside in the shape of the 4 suits - hearts, diamonds, spades & clubs.

As an aside, the flats that were built in its place have been swathed in scaffolding since Grenfell because the cladding was deemed unsafe and had to be removed.