London based Radio shows

Hey Hivemind,

Could anyone on here suggest a radio show worth contacting about a show in London?

I’m an eclectic DJ based in Green Lanes, near Finsbury Park / Tottenham.

I play everything soulful and darker shades of electronic music.
(funk, soul, balaeric, hip hop, trip hop, dub, reggae, breaks, electronic music).

Any reccos would be highly appreciated!

Not long moved to London from Glasgow where I used to DJ at the Sub Club. Just finding my feet here!


Seems to be going from strength to strength. Based in Hoxton

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Balamii is a good bet. I think I saw an ad recently where they’re looking for new presenters. Do you have an hour tape (well MP3) you could send out?

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Never heard of these guys until your suggestion…
The music selection at the times I’ve tuned in is strong. Love the ethos simple nature of the website.
I’m going to submit an idea to them. Thanks a lot !


Amazing thanks for this Bill! They have an impressive roster and rep. I’ve submitted a show and sent them some mixes from my soundcloud so fingers crossed.

Also very happy to see DJ History is back! Thank you!

1 Like or he’s on the TP Forum as ufstylus

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Brilliant thanks for this! Hadn’t heard of the TP forum before too so cheers for putting me onto that.

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DJ’ing on Loose FM today. Thanks again for the suggestions!

1700-1900 GMT

If you would like to tune in :sun_with_face:


On it now, sounding nice pal!

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Playback just uploaded today, doing another show on Friday. Loose FM guys are great. Stream RAPTURE OF THE DEEP W/ NOWICKI - 31 MAR 23 by LOOSE | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

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