Good Sound efx for djing

Looking for any recommendations of killer sound efx records. i’m particularly looking for any space/ufo sounds that can be used over drum tracks or for segueing between tracks. I know Harvey had a few decent ones on the Black Cock records. Not looking for foghorns, trains or sirens

A couple of classics from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop:

nice one mate, thank you !

You may like this DJ tools record for Ibadan. Some cool stuff in here.

thanks Brad, yeah i have that one. Love the Levan laugh

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Using some sort of gizmo is often a bit simpler. I played with Recloose in Detroit a few weeks back and he had some sort of thing that he used a lot during his set (it was v small too) and it was full of numerous pretty cool space noises and FX and it looked pretty easy to use. Even an idiot like me felt like it was something I might not make a mess of. I know him, could ask him if you want to explore (I meant to take a pic but forgot!).

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just get yourself a dub siren and make your own sounds

I use one of theses

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Yes please do ask, if its idiot proof even i might be able to figure it out

I’ll ask him. Think it was a Boss product.

The BBC horror sound effects are decent depending on time of year. (Maybe for one weekend late October)
I’ve started collecting keep fit records from charity shops, for the ‘1,2,3 and stretch’ patter. Sometimes some good wee drums or classic disco rip offs underneath. Not found a spacey one yet