What's your stance on the current state of house music?

My nest door neighbour is behind the Earth song tune! He will be made up that its getting props here!
It does work doesnt it?

Yes!! And with ability to producing music more accessible than ever the market is flooded with sub-par, lowest common denominator, clichè crap. It’s often discouraging when I’m searching for music as the amount of drivel can seem overwhelming. My faith in good music always prevails and the tides shift, eventually and then the new cuts appear.
I feel that if one is to only listen to one genre of music (house) they’ll always be limited by that constraint.
Every good (house) music producer I’ve ever know is a student of music, genre be damned.

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Yep you should def give them big props ! It’s got all the star qualities - massive vocals, big hooks, great production and I think it stays (just) on the right side of not being too cheesy but an unashamed massive banger at the same time. And a very talented pool of singers your neighbour got to work with ! I for one am a big fan :grinning:

It feels better than ever to me (in my relatively short love affair with it compared to you all). Classic problem for every genre with the injustice of shit releases getting the exposure and popularity they don’t deserve. However, when i feel sad about that I listen to things like:



and I remember just how fucking good it is at the moment…

Ooh nice! Thanks for liking my creation @Barfunkel re: Melvo Baptise Gonna Be Alright :slight_smile:

I say ‘my creation’… Actually here’s my original creation which Mr Baptise unofficially ‘covered’

I’ve returned the favour and unofficially covered Melvo’s previous release ‘Bad Company’, which is actually Melvo covering Ullanda McCullough’s Bad Company from 1981…

My cover version is the next Vinyl Only 12" release due out in a few weeks :slight_smile:

Not sure Harry Romero has added anything to Wild Luv on his remix. Original mix still sounds fantastic today.