What sound system setup you using to listen at home?

What I call “my studio”:

Not much as far as tech goes besides SL1200s Mk 2, but I like it!

This next photo taken moments after I realized that rekordbox is not high priority for me!


Just spreading the word that this was and is a ‘thing’ now. The system at home can also entertain the masses. Listening to music at home, well…not really something I get the time to do apart from in a research mode.
Kia’s first time playing records out, so something to evangelize.
She is Balearic.


does anyone know of a 2.2 type system (i.e two tops, two subs, tops at ear height via poles) that’s reasonable for an average sized living room? Not talking necessarily about P.A setups as dont need the SPL, more after fidelity but having the mid woofers and tweeters at standing ear height.

Quite a open question. There are some exceptional products for profesional use for studio use or small PA. Budget and size of boxes you can handle might be a starting point.

The open and present sound (even at low volume) from the trend of ‘audiophile’ systems comes from the horn loaded top end, you may not want to get into that in a living room size area. The above speakers are stored in the spare room and will be doing many a mobile job this year.

You are on the right track having a decent sub or two. Somebody might chime in with a speaker and sub combo for the studio or PA that will make you jig a little and sound good. Miller Kriesel SP150 and Arundel subs here, very good, but tonality wise it isn’t close to the boogie factor of the big stuff.

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Thanks for your reply and the info, lots to consider. I’m currently using Klipsch Forte III which have compression drivers for the tweeter and mids so am used to the sound of a horn loaded compression drivers. Problem though is that they are about level with my belly button when im playing records! :upside_down_face:

Klipsch forte iii are such lovely speakers.

You’re into a 18 inch subwoofer and two hefty amps and a crossover. I can say JBL 4425 with a subwoofer is very good indeed (you are in the world of old gear that lacks the spare part support the brand once gave).

So a speaker with a 12/10/8 inch driver that you use with a mount. You’re going to want to not loose to your Klipsch Hi Fi quality. It can be matched with some of the older pro gear. Pro gear can be hired/demoed and is often for sale as all the passive stuff isn’t wanted now.

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I have the same issue with my forte iii’s! I’m debating to get separate monitors for when I’m djing (speakers are adjacent to the dj desk and don’t lend themselves to cueing) or raise them up a foot on stands, or both.

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