What music have you been buying?

A quick dip into some recent purchases…

Speaking of musclecars (see above), I was just at a listening party for the upcoming album (hitting the shops in May, I think) and the whole thing is mind-blowingly excellent


I normally only buy digital files these days, cos obviously I sold my record collection. But this week I did something really rash and slightly bananas. Having never spent more than £100 on a record, I paid £300 for one a few days ago. I’ve been looking for it for 15 years and in the last 8 years only two have come up for sale that I know of. My tax bill was lower than I anticipated, so, well, there you go.

Having said this, I’ll probably hold onto it for a while and then re-sell for the same or more.

Anyhow, here it is. A £300 record.


Forgot what a good song 1979 is - it’s been an ear-worm all wk after hearing this HB version!


Yikes! That’s a serious amount of money on a record. What’s the back story to the record? Where did you first hear/come across it?

Honestly, I’ve not idea. I discovered it randomly searching for interesting covers of Ring My Bell about 15 years ago and I became obsessed with it (mainly, I guess, because it was so hard to find). It obviously didn’t do very well at the time, otherwise I’d have found a copy by now. It was actually really rare when it was selling for £20 and no one knew about. The first time I missed it being sold it, it went for under £70.

caravan - workdub on music from memory

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when this came out, my dad’s team Aston Villa were champions of Europe - 1982

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I interviewed 100 Poems on my radio show yesterday, which some of you may be interested in. He’s a lovely fella and we could’ve chatted for hours, tbh.


New on DFA, produced by James Murphy.



Bought this last week and been on a lot

Bought a couple of apparently deadstock 12"s by Quantic.

:arrow_up: This one is from his Flowering Inferno offshoot project (2017?). It’s very nicely produced roots reggae featuring veteran vocalist U-Roy and with bv from Alice Russell (I particularly like her contributions). There’s also a nice modern-sounding dub on the flip. Both are featured in this video:

Also this :arrow_down:

This one is dancehall style, with vocal by Shinehead. Once again, really nice production on this! Plus, my copy still had the unused download code :+1:

Also has a nice dub version, plus a decent remix by Ed West (whoever he is?)

This is ace (flip side is too)