What music have you been buying?

Haven’t done much DIGGING recently, so was extremely pleased to pull 2 of these on a recent DIG at a local record shop :arrow_down: (note: none of which are 90s tech-house)

Found a copy of the Don Letts edition of Late Night Tales. Double album of reggae/dub versions of various tracks, from Bill Withers to Joy Division. Highly recommended…! Top tip from @JonathanE

Prince Fatty - Black Rabbit. Fantastic version of the Jefferson Airplane classic. This got my wife skanking round the kitchen. True story…

The Revolutionaries - Kunta Kinte. First heard this on the Lovers Rock episode of Steve McQueen’s Small Axe. This had a similarly enlivening effect on my wife as the Prince Fatty track (above)

Was really pleased to pick up a copy of this cosmic double-header by Love International. As comped by Jazzanova and…er… lots of other people. Been after a copy of this for a-a-a-a-a-ages.


that absolutely shit tune has all the good bits about the old stuff.

that’s really lovely

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Matsui HiFi | Pilots Of Peace | Citizens Of Vice (bandcamp.com)

Fala (Danilo Braca Remix) | Jazxing | Higher Love Recordings (bandcamp.com)

“Ibiza” (Prince Klassen edit) | Dailysession (bandcamp.com)

I WANT YOU | Close Counters (bandcamp.com)

Light And Shadow (Masalo Version) | Manabu Nagayama | Rush Hour Music (bandcamp.com)

Zappelnder Hindu झगड़ते हिन्दू | SIRS (sirsounds.com)

Neon Beach (Divorce From New York & PIEK Remix) | Gee Lane | Toy Tonics (bandcamp.com)


I confess to the worst case of moldy oldie figgyitis ever.

Bob Marley’s new CD edition of Catch A Fire, of which I have at least three other earlier issues. But not with the live tracks and the “Jamaican rarities.” Although maybe I do.

The bloody Beatles “Red” and “Blue” compilation reissues - on CD, not vinyl. Already have the vinyl from bitd plus the earlier CDs, but I’m too curious about the supposedly new mixes - gonna A/B those things viciously, and I always thought the CDs were stingy in their tracks so the added songs sucked me right in. Of course I have them elsewhere, but I’m also a lazy sod.

And the 25th Anniversary edition of Dub Syndicate’s Fear Of A Green Planet. Expanded, blah blah, blah - and I’ve never been all that happy with the original vinyl or the US CD release. Sprang for the 2LP + CD package. And, you know, sometimes a bit of Dub Syndicate and Adrian Sherwood is the only music that will cut through the crap.

Still, overall, it’s a disease. And I’ve been ill with a more physical problem for the last month, so this is a celebration. Even though I have to wait some time to actually have them in my little paws.

If I had any money left, I’d buy Roberto Fonseca’s La Gran Diversion, but it’s expensive in the US - and there’s competition for the moolah from some older dub and ska that I’ve seen around.

Sometimes you have one of those Fridays where everything you listen to sounds amazing, a few recent purchases…


This is the best thing I’ve bought in a good while. I’ve checked out this guy’s other stuff and it’s nowhere near as good as this, so it might be a fluke.