Unknown or obscure 80s/90s mixes of major label artists

Any secret weapons to sure?

I mean stuff like this: MARY J. BLIGE (Sure Is Pure)

MC HAMMER (Tenaglia Mix)

DINA CARROLL (I’ve got several Dina mixes I play) (Tony Humphries Mix)

SELENA (Morales Dub)


TAKE THAT (Joey Negro obviously inspired by Italo-house on this one)


I can’t think of many that I haven’t posted already except for:

And this, which might not count as it is from 2001:

Two favourites from previous threads. From the falsetto one:

From the pop remixes one:

Doesn’t seem to be on YouTube, but I love this dub mix of I’m Every Woman.

Edit: found it

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That reminds me… the 1989 Dancin’ Danny D remix of the Chaka Kahn version. A High On Hope classic:


This is more like it! I only know one of these. More please peeps x

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Wasn’t expecting MC Hammer to be my favourite from this list


From 1990, Junior Vasquez remix of a fantastic song written by Prince for Mavis Staples:

This MK mix of little known Canadian singer on Warner Bros was massive for me in the mid 90s, but I never heard it anywhere else

Bjork had a few in the 90’s, so many 12’s and CD singles, I still find a few nuggets once in a while that I hadn’t heard before.


I’ve played that a lot over the years, good call.

V nice, Tim, never heard of that and I thought I was an MK fan!

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If you’re from New York, you’ll probably know this, but it’s not v well known in the UK, unless you go to Low Life (in which case you’ll definitely know it).

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Another I used to play a lot. Basically a superior Chic cut-up.


I played this to death at the time. I still dig it out now and again.