Trust worthy news sources?

Can anyone recommend any reliable news sources or people worth following for news/current affairs?My twitter feed is full of right-wing weirdos since Musk took over (people I’d never follow), mainstream media seems to be as bad as I’ve ever seen it, and even some of the people/places I looked to in the past I’m finding are becoming a bit propaganda-ish as well. Are there any sources people could recommend (or even accounts to follow on twitter) for reasonably balanced info without feeling I’m being asked to go down some sort of them/us good/evil internet rabbit hole…or is that just not possible in this day and age?

diversity of sources is key but this chart is very useful


That’s a really interesting resource, thanks!

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cheers - I’d never come across that chart before, will have to spend a few days playing around with that - looks like a great tool though, thanks!!

The first thing I did after trying the chart was look up AFM themselves - they seem to get criticism from both the left and the right so maybe thats a good sign lol?

thanks again

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This is fab, wow a lot too! I like articles from this for what it’s worth

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Thanks for the Link - Thats the type of site I could spend all day reading whilst supposedly working from home

cheers man!!

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You’re welcome mate, sharing is caring x

I find gives the most detail on events I’m interested in.

A problem I had was that I’ve got a lot of different hotmail accounts, and when I log out of any I got the MSN news page with absolutely batshit crazy headlines from The Daily Telegraph (School Bans All Pupils From Wearing Trousers) and The Daily Express, permanently enraged by cold weather (Deep Freeze Britain. More Killer Snow On The Way). I’ve only recently found I can block that page in my browser. My day always starts a lot better now.

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Tend to dip in and out of:
Financial Times
The Guardian (Fine for actual news, just ignore the commentary)
Byline Times
The Intercept

Still tend to watch the BBC and listen to Radio 4 despite the fact it annoys me a lot of the time and Channel 4 News.

Edit: Oh, and Carol Vorderman’s Twitter account!

The Atlantic is US centric but looks at the bigger picture as well and it a beacon of credible, independent investigative journalism - World Edition - The Atlantic. I follow them on an RSS feed and just cherry pick the stuff that fits my intersts.

I’m not sure how many peole know this but The Guardian is set up as a trust to ensure the editorial interests are free of commercial pressures - The Scott Trust: values and history | The Scott Trust | The Guardian, unlike the rest of the UK press that are all owned by billionaire capitalists…

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