The World's Worst Trousers

DJ History’s most iconic thread is back, better than ever (or worse, depending on your view).


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What was that ridiculous website? Japanese sounding name? The most ridiculous clothes known to humanity I recall…

Only £209. Handy for sneaking your kids into the club.

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For real??


ahh… that’s gonna bug me now. Someone must know

Oki-Ni - looks like they’re still on Insta

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OKI-NI!!! That’s the fella…! My God, the clothes.

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Reminds me of an old Billy Connolly joke :joy:

Used to do some decent collabs though. Back in the early 00’s. The adidas x oki-ni sneaks were usually great. And I still have a few Duffer x Oki-ni bits.

Somewhat surprisingly I now work for a leading fashion museum, so have to tread carefully through the avant-garde menswear scene. By the standard of Rik Owens - a mainstay of the original WWT thread - this outfit is actually pretty tame…

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i can take any amount of Rick Owens etc. madness - i couldnt afford them or wear them but i respect the commitment and the energy and the passion.

My current worst trousers obsession is this kind of thing - basic, unflattering, and likely invisible as a fashion signifier even to other fashion folk.

they look like market knock offs of 18 quid champion trackies, and im sure thats the normcore point but just how fashion do you have to be, to be this fashion?

Anyone got a spare $17,900 my wife (thankfully doesnt) want these Bottega Veneta soft denim feather kegs…

Meanwhile Ive got no eye on these, with THAT 7/8 ‘Ive-given-up-on-life’ length trousers

The shoes equally horrific there too.


Business of Fa-shon darling

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Not as bad as the worlds worst shoes


I had a pair of oki-ni adidas, they were red i think

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I had an Oki-Ni Nuphonic t-shirt. Not sure if I paid money for it.