The DJH Great Movie Thread

The Quiet Girl is a really great film. Highly recommend it

triangle of sadness. it was ok, probably my least favourite from the director, preferred the square and force majeure

‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ tonight at home (Prime)

Oh this is so good, what a ride. Funny, bonkers, a love story, tricky families, mother/daughter difficulties and such great acting. Loved it!

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The Oscar voters clearly concurred. Now can you predict next years winner?! :wink:

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I watched Luther last night and I think we can safely count that out. Was good fun though nonetheless!

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Recent :+1: films I’ve watched:

Tar - Blanchette was aces. The pacing helped build the tension in this reverse “me too” slow, gentle descent into the protagonist’s self made exile.

Whiplash - The toxic masculinity version of Tar. Almost too much for me at times. I needed a couple breaks to make it through in one sitting.

Triangle Of Sadness - scathing take on privilege. Side spitting laughter!

The Menu - deliciously dark comedy. Good to see John Lequizamo back in action.

The Whale - heart wrenching drama. Not pretty but emotive as fuck. Fraser worked for that Oscar.
Aronofsky rates as one of my top directors. I cried. :sob:

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These days I’m deeply in old stuff: some western (Hombre, Joe Kidd, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, True Grit…) liked a lot Cool Hand Luke, too, plus some italian stuff from the '50s-'60s era

Saw Cocaine Bear on Sat night. V funny, bit ridiculous. Reminded me of Mel Brooks, a bit.


Finally got round to watching this last night. Straight into my ‘all-time faves’ list. What an amazing film!