The DJ Mix Thread: Post your latest/greatest DJ Mixes here

An eclectic mix with a few old DJ History favorites

  1. Fly Like An Eagle – Steve Miller Band
  2. Space Talk (Dimitri From Paris Remix) – Asha Puthli
  3. Dark Star – Crosy, Stills and Nash
  4. Jesus Children of America – Stevie Wonder
  5. Let It Happen – Demis Roussous
  6. So – War
  7. O Caminho Do Bem – Tim Maia
  8. Get On Up And Do It Again (Instrumental) – Suzy Q
  9. Shakedown Street – The Grateful Dead
  10. Miss You – The Rolling Stones
  11. Superstition – Bloobloo
  12. Vitamin C – Can
  13. Ruth Copeland – Gimme Shelter
  14. I Just Want To Celebrate – Rare Earth
  15. I Am Love – The Jackson 5

Euro Dancecore,Hands up and Hard Trance Hits


0:00 1. Vinylshakerz - One Night in Bangkok (French Mix XXL Remastered)
5:54 2. Groovelikers - Stop & Go (Jens O. Mix)
10:50 3. Lacuna - Celebrate the Summer (The Real Booty Babes Remix)
15:32 4. Bazzpitchers - We Are One (Maziano RMX)
21:13 5. Scarf! - Odysee (Barbarez Remix)
26:56 6. Dj Merlin, DJ C-Bass - No Alternative (Extended Mix)
32:50 7. Discotronic - Tricky Disco (Club Mix)
37:39 8. Boogie Bros - Fight for Your Right (Raindropz! Bootleg Remix)
41:40 9. Rocco, Bass-T - I Can’t Take It (Dancecore Mix)
46:12 10. Rocco - Fucking Beautiful (Dancecore Mix)
52:13 11. Miss N-Traxx, Crystal Age - I Get Loud (Mikesh Remix)
57:36 12. Comeea - Unfaithful (Nivara Remix)
1:01:45 13. Benjamin Zane - Tears Don’t Lie (Deepforces Remix)
1:06:41 14. Marco van Bassken - Save My Life (Ti-Mo vs Stefan Rio Remix)
1:10:18 15. Jens O. Vs. Ti-Mo - Every Little Move (Club Mix)
1:15:11 16. Sunbeam - Outside World 2009 (Megastylez Remix)
1:19:40 17. DJ Gollum, DJ Yanny - Rhythm Is A Bass (Ray Knox Remix)
1:23:57 18. DJ Mikesh - Ma Bitch (Club Mix)
1:27:04 19. Jens O - I Bet You Don’t (Club Mix)

Gonna try and do a mix every quarter, so here is my Spring one. Definitely a handful of tunes you may have heard on Bill’s podcast (and plenty that aren’t). It came out a little quiet so turn it up if you give it a listen. Last tune is a real killer (imo)

Eddie C - Nite Moves
Coeo - Nina’s Theme (The Berlin Skit)
Max Essa & Eddie C - Save Me
Grace Jones - Feel Up (Random House Project Remake)
Hess is more - You don’t dance
Klein Zage & Joey G ii - Folks Not Guys (Local Artist Disco Dub)
Guido Nemola - Between you and me
Radio Slave - The Lunatics (A clinic full of cynics dub)
L3Ni - Time Remix
Lucas Moinet - Loosing You (Paradise Mix)
Feel Fly - Armaduk
The Reflex - Luv we had
Jorge Bezerra - Mojubá (Zepherin Saint Remix)
Franck Roger - Limitless
Bulka x Kiko Navarro - Mama Calling (Ted Patterson Remix)
David Zylberman - New Perspective
Cobby & Moore - Left-handed Books (Ashely Beedle North Street remix )
Eli Escobar - Fixed our love feat Queenie (Extended Version)
KCYC - Am I Dreaming (Media Mix)
The Robinson - Chase In Chinatown
Dombrance - Bayrou (Lindstrøm remix)
musclecars - Running out of time
GeeW - The Voodoo you do (Voodoo Vocal)

Did some collating of recent / recent-ish purchases over the bank holiday:



I chucked a bunch of records i have been listening to into the rough shape of a set for the Pure Mana night at Paradise Palms last month and used the recording for my radio show for EHFM this month. Hopefully my Madonna edit won’t get it a copyright strike.

I had a recent realisation that I have tons of DJ mixes which I haven’t posted online so I decided to do a new series called ‘I Just Want To Mix’ (the most cheesy name ever what was I thinking) and posted up a mix every day for 7 days in a row. Some of them are from when I was doing a ‘big’ podcast and I would do more than one mix and pick the one I preferred. Some are live recordings from when I lived in Berlin - I think because the clubs are fairly stable around the DJ booth, I was taking in my laptop and interface and recording my sets regularly. Some are definitely to scrappy to post but I was pleasantly surprised listening back to some of them! Funny how you can think ‘every time I played at 8am it was really chaotic’ and you listen back and actually it sounds pretty steady and well composed. I’m pretty sure I was given regular feedback that I mixed the tracks in too quickly (that was not common there) so it sounds like I’m deliberately letting them play a bit longer - I was just super hyper all the time back then. No idea why?!

So here’s 8 new/old mixes from me.


Number 9 - recorded live at Potatohead in Bali in 2017 - different times. I was staying in ‘Peggys Room’ - it has quite a big bathroom I remember.

Hey Danny I was on before you that day :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Nick great to hear from you and small world! I have amazing memories of my time in Bali - it was like nothing else I had experienced before. Are you still out there?