Slamming choirs on Youtube

Thanks to Sally Rogers from AMCA for posting this on Twitter. Killer rendition of Nick Drake’s Northern Sky by the PS22 Choir. Any other recommendations?


I couldn’t live video find that but this is worth hearing. There’s a strong tradition of Lutheran church choirs in the U.S. upper midwest. Sometimes you can find something like this; a marriage of that tradition with the African-American spiritual. Such yearning in the vocals with a tortured drum.

57 views and at least two are me.


Fuck me. This is what music is for.

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@Laechelt glorious. Thank you.

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It’s incredible! So glad you liked it.:pray::notes:

Crackin’ choir-led acapella with a lead vocal that transcends.


this absolutely floored me. thanks!

Love the slightly melancholy choir on this. It reminds me of mid-20th Century Disney films like Bambi.

but I guess they aren’t exactly slamming, so here is one of the last things I posted on the previous forum … the legend that is Ricky Dillard.

this has blown my mind - actually welled up a bit watching it…cheers!!

sorry, the PS22 one. unreal…

Probs easy to mock, but it pushes my buttons, and just look at her face