NEW INTERVIEW: Justin Strauss

We’re now starting to roll out all the interviews I’ve been doing over the past five years, none of which have ever been online anywhere before. This was one I did with Justin in Soho House in 2018. Justin and I have been friends since I moved to New York in 1994. He was one of the first people to come and introduce himself to me and we’ve stayed in touch. He’s a lovely guy with a deep and impressive back story, including residencies at Mudd Club and Area. Read his story here:


Bloody great this. Loved it.

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Fantastic interview. One of my favorite DJ’s and a real inspiration. Nice guy, too!

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Great interview … what a life! He’s right about the Area book too - still available and affordable as well.

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I love the types of details you get from the more sober djs from interesting periods of musical history. Really great interview with a super nice sounding bloke.


Great interview Bill. Justin Strauss is one of those apparently lesser-known legends that the more you find out about the more you realise he was at the centre of everything. His Instagram is an endless treasure trove of details and stories (unfortunately often only emerging when someone has died) and there are endless pleas for him to write a book about it all. I’d love to read it. Maybe you should write it for him!