Music Documentaries

A brilliant list curated by Mark Kermode - although can’t work out why the Woodstock film didn’t make the grade. What other films did he miss?

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This is one of my favorite rock-umentaries.

As much as I love the Pixies this is proper Spinal Tap levels of cringe. My favorite is David Lovering’s insistence he opens the comeback tour with his magic show…priceless.


This is one of my favourites and tends to get overlooked. Features everyone from Bunny Lee through to Kode9

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That is such a good film, an incredible story that couldn’t happen ever again.

Talking of Spinal Tap, fallen right down a drum and bass wormhole today despite not really ever being that into it. I mean, a lot of it is outstanding to listen to but I’m only ever going to be an outsider.

Anyway, loads of choice quotes in this and I have a very minor, not that great story following this.

it was the best of times, it was the unrehearsed of times

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This is real nice - thank you

Thats a great film, some proper laugh out loud moments.

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The Black Godfather on Netflix. An absolute joy.

Just gave this a rewatch. Definitely recommended if you’ve seen it for a while.

Some Kind Of Monster (Metallica)
End Of A Century (Ramones)
Some Yoyo Stuff (Beefheart)

Great interviews and stories in Feiern.

I went to see this in the theater last Sunday. I’m an Elvis fan but hadn’t seen this. Rehearsals and concert film opening his 1970 Vegas show. Unbelievable command from Elvis. Clip shows him leading his band in rehearsal. I was surprised to see his level of musicianship and leadership.

Apologies, but I can’t find a free option.

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Mensa - Lord of the Rave captures the spirit of those heady days of the early 90s. Sterns was certainly an experience-