Lisbon: Anything to do / see / hear?

Going late July - any tips? I know @GrimsbyRiviera played there recently and Spiritland are rumoured to be setting up an outpost…?

I’m travelling to shows atm but I’ve got a few tips. I’ve been there twice in the past month. Will post on Monday when I get home x


Was there end of March.

Cervejaria Ramiro
So this seems to be on every programme/blog about Lisbon, we were hesitant thinking it was too touristy. We went twice it was so bloody great. Seafood is amazing. And have the Steak sandwich (Prego) for dessert, half the price of the one in Time Out market and twice as nice.

Marisqueira Uma
They only do one dish, Seafood and Rice, but it’s bloody good. Cash only.

Rua de prata 52
Quirky locals restaurant, gets very busy so need to book.

Casa Independente
Over the road from Ramiro, fun bar with multiple rooms. Met some lovely people in there.

Bit out of the way from where we were staying so only went once, Japanese style listening bar type place, great soundsystem. Nibbles too. Was pretty quiet when we went.

Went to loads of other places but they were the highlights, Time Out market was okay but super expensive compared to most of Lisbon and a bit soulless an busy.

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Haven’t visited for over 10 years, so can’t offer musical guidance - but if you want to do some sightseeing, I’d suggest Palàcio da Pena at Cintra (a short trip by train from the main station in Lisbon). It’s an incredible Romanticist architectural confection, almost Disney-esque in appearance. It’s set in the Cintra-Cascais Park, which you could easily lose yourself in. A beautiful leafy spot to spend a hot summers day.


RE: Cintra - I loved this place - bonkers bit of folly!!

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Cheers, these look right up my rua! Last time I was there I think the Time Out market had just opended, so it seemed a bit “different” at the time, but now that concept is everywhere.

Great suggestion and great to meet you the other night. I didn’t metion that I worked on a V&A exhibition that’s on tour in Lisbon, so that will be a pleasant couple of hours taken care of…

the Berardo museum down in Belem is a cracking gallery with a huge painting by one of my favs, Roberto Mata. Me and my wife got engaged down the harbour before going to a gig there about 6 years ago.
The Pavilhão Chinês is also well worth checking out, jazz cocktail bar/oak lined toy museum with pool table. It’s up the opposite hill from the castle somewhere…

Send me your email. A friend who lives there actually gave me some v useful stuff, incl a very cheap, really great little neighbourhood restaurant in Alfama. I took Anna Prior, Metronomy drummer there, and she loved it.

Sounds ace - nothing I like more than a jazz cocktail bar/oak lined toy museum with pool table :8ball:

Cheers Bill - just DM’d you.

Hope you enjoyed your trip @John_LordMuck
I’m off to Lisbon at the end of the month and haven’t been for 5 years. Any good bar and records shop recommendations? Ideally a record shop in a bar as time tight.

Amor Records might fit the bill. Owned by a good friend of mine.

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I had a fantastic time there last month, and thanks for all the earlier recommendations. Happily I’ve kicked the vinyl-buying habit, but on the bar front we had a great time at Under The Bridge which is in the LX Market complex (just by the massive bridge). I posted a clip if it on Threads (if this link works)…

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