John Peel / Gilles Peterson band names

As an entertaining way of idling away lockdown hours, I started to make note of phrases that I heard or read that I thought made great John Peel / Gilles Peterson session band names.

Some of them are the work of genuinely gifted wordsmiths; some are ridiculous marketing speak; some just caught my eye.

It became quite addictive…

Here’s 20 for starters, feel free to add…

Bumptious Noodle

The Pillars of Strategy

Fiscal Drag

The Fabulous Accidents

Reptilian Shapeshifters

Notable Women of Japanese Jazz

High Taste Lineage

Fearless Desk Accessory

A Stray Tennis Ball in the Face (later shortened to ‘STB’ a la ‘OMD’)

Cataclysmic Fracture

Chancers’ Waiting Room

Cynical Shirt Selling Ruse

Official Global Lubricant Partner

Disturbing Neural Pathways

Vile Woke Mess

Ideal World Scenario

Twat Deflector

Dick Emery’s Skinhead Dad

Pure David Lynch Business

De Facto Public Health Czar


This is peak Adam Goldstone, I wish I still had his lists of good names for bands.


No mention of Excreetabix?


This reminds me of the creative additions to So Solid Crew’s list of MCs on Wikipedia, from Soap Droppah to Lit-L Jim-E Krank-E :slightly_smiling_face:


Grimsby, I remember the short list of two album titles for Superstars of Rock:

Esoteric in jokes r us

We’ve got a pocket full of career-destroying ideas


Somebody get me Alan from Crispy Ambulance.


I’m sure the “pockets of booing” that greeted William and Kate at some sports event in the US recently must have done a few Peel sessions.


‘Schooly Feel’ The early 80s rapper who never quite made it, a critiscism levelled at the college I work at by Ofsted.

Midnight Bhuna. The lost 80s indo jazz fusion quartet.

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I found my old Good Names For Bands doc! At least one of these eventually got used.
Rodeo Gadaffi
Alternative Car Park
Spandex Amnesty Zone
Circle Machine
Spook Electric
Portobello Beard
Endorphin Machine
Virtual Reykjavik
Handsome Machine
Crazy Medicine
The Dread Tomato Habit
Super Electronic Love Drums
Fat Camp
Mobile Orgy Machine
Theory Of Everything
The Closet Heterosexuals
Zombie Cucumbers
Fabulous Smoking Beagles
The Marvellous Ears
Bobby Frenzy
Electric Ivory Experience
Global Junction
Zen Fireplace
Journeymen Hairdressers Of England
Ancient Astronaut Society
Eclectic Viewpoint Convention
Futon Deluxe
The Mystery Lesbians
Eskimo Nose
Vanilla Creosote
Pleasure District
Sober Kebab
Brutal Vicar
Hot Condiment
Big Jenga
The Cult of Cuthbert


Pistachio Labrador - mid naughties psychedelic dream pop space cadets

In reality that was the name of a winning pub quiz team I was on once, the name conjured from a) favourite ice cream and b) first pet


Three Piece Sweat Suit
The Unlit Matches
Easier Said Than None


Alternative Car Park was the mime act Rowan Atkinson did on Not The Nine O’Clock News.

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That’s where I nicked it from!


oh you KNOW i bought all those fat camp re-edits

Gaseous Exchange
(I’m in a training day :frowning: )


I remember Ross Allen interviewing Andrew Weatherhall on his radio show. Must have been around 2000. Ross asked Andrew why he’d never worked for a major label despite lots of offers. The response was "because I’ve got a Very Low Twat Threshold "

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Howler just mis-typed on a post over on TP and almost wrote Beef Hiatus. I quite like that.

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i was on one of those for a couple of years