I ☘️ Ireland but

I know nothing about its records. School me.

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This is pretty obvious but I only discovered it because Mantronix lifted it :slight_smile:

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How I long for someone to discover a clean master of this


A classic…

And now a few newbie bits…

Jimmy Rouge



Not sure this really counts… but Andy

And under his own name

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Not disco, balearica, funk or dubby but so it goes…

MINT film BTW… and probably my personal favourite Mr. Rice track (fits the film perfectly)

Rhythm Plate re-editing of this beauty…

More Thin Lizzy…

Less Thin Lizzy…

yeah, yeah, ok, ok shoot me…

This one is great - anyone recognise the afterparty from the lyrics? All on top of some grown up, well produced beats. Class wee tune…

Nigel Rolfe is actually English but he moved to Ireland in the 70’s and he’s been here since, so we’re claiming him. Quirky little number with a distinctly Irish theme. Ideal listening scenario? Lying flat on your back, staring up at the morning sky. Found this one on a Skyrager 1BTN mix. When the female choir comes in towards the end its splendid…

Belfast rap…but wait, whats that language they’re speaking?

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Tip of my tongue: recent re-issue of an Irish 80s recording: ambient mouth harp type mantra. Black & white sleeve.

I think some of would like torch singer Mary Coughlan’s version of “Pull Up to the Bumper.” It’s not on YouTube though. It appears on my Spotify but is grayed over, so I think maybe it’s not licensed in the US but is in the UK.

I’ve also been loving the Netflix series Derry Girls. It’s got a great soundtrack and is set in the mid 90s. I appreciate Enya and The Cranberries much more hearing them on the show than on Minneapolis radio. I’d never thought about the context that music was created in. And it’s hilarious!::+1:

Grand bit of floaty business from Wicklow

80s Jazz funk from Sligo The Business Enterprise (My Friend John) - YouTube

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Lovely piece of ambience from a great comp of Irish ‘post punk, DIY and electronic music’ on Finders Keepers.

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Natural Wild - Hot And Sexable

[Natural Wild - Hot And Sexable (Extended Club Mix) - YouTube]

Unrelated question: How do I get the link to show up as clip within a reply?

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when you click to “share”, use the “copy link” element then paste it in your comment field here, don’t use the ‘link’ feature in the reply editor.

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