Grace Jones rip-offs

Given how influential Grace Jones’ Compass Point albums were at the time – and still to this day – where are all the attempted rip-offs of her style? There must be dozens, but I only really know a couple (the ones below). Are there any more GJ soundalikes? Help me out.

Nona Hendryx:

Ava Cherry:

Anymore for anymore? :tipping_hand_man:

Not really a rip-off as its from before Grace Jones’ Compass Point era, but a similar vibe? The magnificently-named Zeus B. Held on production duties…

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It always staggers me that this one’s still cheap as chips


A nice cover. (thanks Piers)

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Sounds kind of like an instrumental of Nipple to the Bottle…


too obvious?

Eurythmics - This City Never Sleeps

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Zeus did bits for Dead Or Alive, Gary Numan and Spear of Destiny, big electronic 80s man.

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Absolutely - and this banger…

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And also the Tribal Mix of Pete Wylie & the Oedipus Wrecks - Sinful

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Has anyone ever written a piece on Zeus?

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Not a piece but this mix was on Test Pressing years ago
Producers Series #5 Zeus B. Held — Test Pressing

Divine Production (EMM Jul 85) (

“Lobster” by The Word. I knew Linda Sharrock’s post-Sonny career included some vocals on the odd Supermax record, but didn’t know it was her on this track.


I’m interviewing Zeus next week actually, as part of a DJH series called The Producers that I’m starting. Ken Gold is another I’ve done for this (and Eddy Grant).


Oh nice one, Bill! I was also going to suggest John Rocca, but I think Dr Rob did quite an in-depth piece a few years back?

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Feel free to make suggestions!

Beat me to it , was packing a record bag for a gig tomorrow and stuck this in and thought ‘GRACE BLOODY JONES’

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On a related tangent from Grace Jones but some interesting bits in here on working with Sly and Robbie. I liked the Indiana Jones analogy!