Favourite Keith Levene tunes and stories?

I`m putting together a Keith Levene tribute radio show, and I was wondering if anyone can help? Does anyone have any favourite Keith Levene tunes (he seems to have been often uncredited), and / or (repeatable) Keith Levene Stories?

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Zorro - thanks mate!

Thanks to Chris Howler for posting this on TP. Jah Wobble tribute to Keith.

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I was at an event celebrating punk at St Martins art school a few years back, featuring Keith. The absurd, pompous “rock expert” Clinton Heylin was pontificating about the early days, and referred to “The One-Hundred-and-One-ers”, causing Keith to splutter, “the fahkin’ One-O-Oners, you cahnt!”. Heylin wouldn’t leave it: “I actually think you will find that…” Hilarious.


yeah saw that, it’s wonderful. Wobble is such a nice guy - I`m not sure if he always was - but he certainly is now

Thats a great story. I’ve watched a few interviews with Keith this week and as far as fools were concerned he certainly didnt take any prisoners. I’ve never heard of Clinton Heylin - but he sounds like comedy gold - I’m gonna google him : )

Heylin is a self-appointed Dylan expert. Try and find some of the reviews of his books. Comedy gold.

On U connections summarised here: On-U Sound In The Area - Personnel - Keith Levene biography