England, Norway, San Francisco

Hi all. I’m DJ Davy and currently I’ve been living in Plymouth where I started jocking back in about 1973 Just for fun at first then I started getting paid. I was a milkman back then and knew that DJing was for me. I used to pick up my mobile rig (Orange??) on my milk float after I finished my round.

Songs … Hang on in there Baby by Johnny Bristol and the like. Act One - Tom the Peeper …I fell in love with Disco…

I worked in Plymouth, West Yorkshire and played at the Academy in Plymouth, the Fiesta Suite in Plymouth (4 years) then went touring around Norway for a few years.

I married a Detroit girl and MOTOWN came bouncing back into my world

In the San Francisco Bay Area I started Get Ritzy Disc Jockey Co. and it was very successful with brilliant weddings and corporate events. Unfortunately in 2005 I slipped off a stage in San Francisco and had to cease for a few years but on coming back to Plymouth and the Bath area I found myself getting asked to do gigs so now I do a few and whilst it’s not the same I do enjoy it…

DJ Davy Dave

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Welcome Dave. I’m in Exeter so, there’s a few Devonians here.

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And just over the Tamar too (Cornwall)


My roots are in Looe! And, Rame

Nice to meet you Spider. :slight_smile: I did one night in Exeter back in 1977 ish - Nice club by the Quay. Cool crowd.

Don’t think I was there… I was 5! However, if that was Boxes, that was the first place I ever dj’d (1993)

Was it the Quay club I wonder. Times were really busy back then.

Sometimes I’d do an MC job at Ballroom Dancing competitions and a live rock band in the evening. And that was a Sunday

I did do Torquay a few times too.

I quite enjoyed Exeter and was Director of Digital Marketing at Rokk Media when I came back from California.

David Davy Dave

I think the Quay Club is what became Tiffanys opposite

That could well be it and yes on Tiffany’s! It was only a guest spot and I do remember enjoying it so it must have been soul and funk.


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