Emma Warren - Dance Your Way Home

Incidentally (or perhaps not), it would make perfect sense if Derrick Carter was privately educated.

I would go as far as to say that, if I got confirmation of this, I would be close to completing the jigsaw.:wink:

Harvey at Pikes is saying absolutely nothing about my life. So please stop with your solidarity nonsense.

Hopes may rise on the Grasmere

Gets a nice mention in The Guardian today.

Article makes general good points.

The book is on its way here. Let’s see what sort of shite I can come up with then! :wink:


This may make me sound like a metropolitan liberal elitist, but I just heard Emma Warren talking about this book on Woman’s Hour on Radio 4 - and I thought she came across very well…!! :+1:


Ross Allen has got Emma Warren on his nts show this morning.


Ross Allen/ Guardian/ Radio Four. Yes, maybe that kind of solidarity.

Am I still the only one actually reading the book?

You should listen to the show. It was interesting.

I’m reading the book.

Yes, you said. It can be good to get some more flesh on the bones. And listen to some great music.

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Think it’s actually an Lauren Laverne interview on Radio 6?

I couldn’t possibly…

Lauren and Emma will likely have shown each other solidarity at Pikes a few times.

Give it a fucking rest.


Touchy. You can always shut me out?

You are the most metropolitan liberal elitist person I know/ don’t know. :wink:

I’d offer to drop the book round when I’ve finished, but I’ve promised it to my dad next.

look, maybe he should?

you’ve been fully invested to making yourself the pithy “main character” in a lot of these conversations.

it’s off-putting. i’m not gonna lie, it’s keeping me away. if you don’t like emma, or “solidarity”, or promotion, or whatever your gripe is - say your peace and be done with it. we’ll know how you feel - and also be done with it. you’ve had your chance to disagree with whatever it is you find disagreeable and be eloquent about it, but the fact that there’s 74 posts in this thread and you’re damn near half of them and still going?

it’s just shitty trolling and no value added.


Totally isn’t. Mine was the original opinion. Others chose to disagree with it.

I think you’ll find that it is 5 days since I’ve even been on here.

I’ve now read most of the book. No-one else has started it.

That’s ‘cos you’re metropolitan. And in the UK.

I’m hoping that the book arrives here on the island off the northwest coast of the USA in the Salish Sea next week. Then I’m hoping that it’s good enough that I make the time to read it before the couple of dozen other books awaiting my attention. Tough times around here for books waiting to be read!

But you said the book is “very sweet” so I have high hopes for it. Everything I’ve read about it is pretty high praise.

Maybe we can get a local reading group together. Lot of island hopping. What fun!

Of course, if you have something substantive to say about the book itself, instead of interpersonal snark, I’m sure we’d like to hear it.

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This makes no sense, yet you felt compelled to write it.

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OK done. Sorry you tested my patience once too many times.