Easter manoeuvres

What’s everyone doing for Easter? Any exciting parties? Digging expeditions? Wellness retreats? (Yeah, maybe not the last one.) Semi-boringly, I’m not DJing so I’m off to Devon for a long weekend staying at my gf’s brother’s place near Totnes. Good for dog walking, I guess.


Cutting the grass about as exciting as it gets sadly

No parties , meeting Family in Sheffield and the nipping back to Scunny to see some mates :wink:

400 mile round trip to see Kruder and Dorfmeister in Briz tonight. Not necessarily out of a particular devotion to Kruder and Dorfmeister, but because it’s where my buddies are, and out of a pressing need for an at least medium sized night out.

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Finally doing the “Beyond the Streets” thing tomorrow, then to my folks in Oxford for Easter and then a week in Devon.

Very different to the Easter weekends of yore, but without the slightest bit of FOMO whatsoever :smiley:

Off to the Cairngorms to visit the in-laws, so some fresh air and walks and then home Sunday for our 12noon kick off against Hibs which hopefully won’t ruin the whole weekend…

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I took my son to see it yesterday. Bumped into a few familiar faces there. My son’s verdict: it’s a bit boring. My verdict: visually very interesting but not much in the way of Basquait/Haring/Scharf in evidence (think I saw one one Scharf and I don’t remember seeing any of the other two). where the fuck was the music to accompany it?! Three Basquiats out of five.

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Pretty much exactly why i haven’t been that arsed to see it so far, tbh. I’m expecting similar feedback from our two…:smile:

I spoored this pic, taken in 1987, about parties on the Circle Line. Far right: DJ Harv?


Spoored = spotted :joy::muscle:t4::muscle:t2:


Bloody hell…!! Good spoor! :+1::wink:

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Hosting Dance Temple (wellness event :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) tonight and dancing the night away Saturday in Victoria, British Colombia with Canadian Ace, Eddie C!
Have a great long weekend, everyone!!

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Hope everyone has had a nice Easter break :+1:

I went on a couple of digging expeditions on Fri and Sat (scored a few nice bits, will post details elsewhere), went to a christening on Sun and got pretty drunk. Am currently enduring a visit to the sister-in-law…! :grimacing: She and my wife are twins, but you’d struggle to find 2 people with less in common… :smiley::upside_down_face: My brother-in-law is a goa-trance musician, so have had to endure some pretty boooooring music throughout the afternoon :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

Thursday - Weatherall 60 @ Fabric (only did the talky bit due to the rest of the weekend but some great stories and ace to see lots of mates). Fabric though…

Friday - DJed local, Soulshaker at the Gowlett in Peckham that we’ve been doing for over a decade now

Saturday - Faith @ Omeara, brilliant night, full turn out from the crew and a good few youngsters again. Bailed early again but Faith really are back to being one of the best parties in town right now

Sunday - drove up to Stafford for the last Top Of The World re-union. Massive turn out, ace to be in a big club with a packed dancefloor having it to seriously rare soul. Music for the first few hours was on point, went a bit too deep towards the end but didn’t take the shine off an epic night. Made it to the end of this one!

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Thursday: Super Mario movie with a smidge of fungi/edibles which was just the ticket.

Friday: Interactive ambient thing with Kid Koala. Fun, but way more families with little kids than we expected. Was still fun, but could see the concept working really well with a more, shall we say, attentive/committed audience. Fucking amazing visuals as well (and props to him for bigging her up during the set, and to her for showing people who went up to her afterwards how it was all done… seriously impressive stuff).

Saturday: Art Gallery of Ontario in the afternoon (glad we paid the $5 extra for the annual pass, Keith Haring exhibit in November, and barely scratched the surface of the permanent collection and current exhibitions so will definitely be back), and Zakir Hussain and friends in the evening. Just WOW. Insane percussive geniuses jamming. He mentioned at the start that 80% of it was improvised, and I’m still in awe at what we saw and heard. Amazing.

Sun/Mon: chilled around the house, felt like we’d all actually had a proper holiday time off in I don’t know how long. More of this sort of thing!