"Early": favourites, slept-on," well-I-never"s

Someone mentioned Symbols & Instruments “Mood” as a good example of “early” (in this case, Chris Nazuka, Derrick Carter, Mark Farina).

Which immediately made me think of something else, which is an all-time favourite of mine, and (coincidentally) happens to be another early Derrick Carter track (with George Andros, this time, IIRC):

What’s your favourite “early” track?

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It’s nice to be known as someone. Thanks.

Early Mateo Matos:

Very early Marley Marl:

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I love that compilation. I remember seeing Tony Humphries play a track from it at The Brixton Academy and went to ask for “the techno compilation with the bright orange cover” at Black Market a few days later. The truculent guy serving pretended he didn’t know what I meant because as far as he was concerned, the cover was bright blue.

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Should have just told him. Such a liberating thing…

Although some people are actually colourblind. I am one of them. Remember thinking purple Warp and R&S sleeves were blue.

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On the Derrick Carter tip, this whole EP is fire:

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I think we came to an agreement that it was blue and orange, but in true Black Market fashion he made sure I knew he was really doing me a favour by letting me buy it.


Early Carl Craig:

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I’ve recently discovered this, released 22 years ago!

I meant you should have just told him to stop being a dick.

1968: Early MFSB:

1969: Also early MFSB but sounding more familiar:

1973: Early Loleatta Holloway:


An unlikely (but good) record to spot in a charity shop window?

(I’m posting here to delay the inevitable, and possibly tedious, Mood 2 Swing thread.)

Early Dunmore-ism. Early Tory House stompers. (Dubs x 2.)

TBF, the MIIS dub is fantastic on that

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Both of them are. Hence ‘(but good)’.

Who knows, I might even go and purchase it later today…

An astounding Lil’ Louis remix from 1993. Not early, but definitely slept-on:


Just reporting that I did indeed purchase the aforementioned record. £2.

Would file under Tory if I owned enough records to justify a filing system.

all the Psyche/BFC stuff is verygoodindeed

@Plum This is one of my local charity shops - Prideaux House at the top of the Narrow Way! I donated a load of vinyl last year and had to stop going in order to avoid accidentally buying back some of my donations… :upside_down_face:

Yes! I shall go in and have a proper look now you’ve said that.

I’ve already started buying back stuff I’ve got rid of. Perhaps two or three times.