DJs on video - what are your faves?

Posting mainly because I love this clip and if you haven’t seen it you should. Any other favorite DJ interviews/clips?


Im sure everyone has seen this but just in case


The sad bit about this is that you get to see the difference between the old Amoeba location at 6400 that this is filmed in and the new one. I loved the old one, that area that they’re in was all second hand house, techno and drum ‘n bass and all points in between that lead to the new arrivals section with all those wall records that honestly weren’t always all that, that Puma 5x12 record was there from 2007 until I moved in 2012 and apparently still there when they filmed this. Behind them was the disco and 80’s section and then the massive soul section just off that. It felt like Disneyland. The new one has lost all of the charm, every section is smaller and the staff even less friendly if that was even possible. It’s just another record store now, which is sad.

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