DJ Exploitive Crap That I Want To Buy

I don’t need them, but there’s just something about these silly little plastic trays I find absolutely appealing. I’m a sucker. You know Keith himself had nothing to do with them, although I suppose they’re based on one his works.

Bitd, 1980s, I had a massive Haring poster over my home set-up. I think it got lost in a move. Too bad, I ‘d love to have it back now. And my huge Fela Kuti poster.


I mean, they do look ideal for holding audio accessories

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I’ve just realised that Keith Haring has been dead for longer than he was alive. Back in the mid-80’s my brother came back from a trip to New York with a slightly battered copy of this flier Keith had done for a charity event at the Paradise Garage, which was my prized-possession for a few months until it disappeared.


Definitely a weed rolling tray……