Deep Concentration's 2015 lament

In 2015, when the original DJH, exhausted from its (losing) battle with the financial pull of Facebook, we announced we’d be shutting the site down, there were numerous eulogies, which were very moving, but I don’t think any of them captured what the site meant to so many people more than Cameron’s, aka Deep Concdentrations, post. I was really quite touched by it, so I kept it. So here it is again, as we begin what will hopefully be a half-decent comeback in the style of – if not Elvis – then at least Marianne Faithfull-esque.

ok, i’ve got some words now.

is this it? is this really all there was? are we done here? will all of this knowledge, opinion and shit talk really be gone forever? is there a date in which all of this here just goes away?

i really hope that there’s an archive kept. there’s just too much good stuff on here. the interviews, the track ids, the mystery mixes, the in-jokes, the photos, the personalities… i’d hate for it all to go the way of semi-forgotten lore. plus, i’ve got some serious post count here. that HAS TO COUNT FOR SOMETHING!

admittedly, we’ve covered most of the mappable ground. every once in a while, i’ll hear a song that i don’t immediately know by name… figure it out, and then search it on the forums and find that it had it’s own thread back in 2005 or that it’s on a jan hammered mix or something. if it was musical, danceable, and it existed in western culture, it’s been covered. from the obscure to the hidden-in-plain-sight, we’ve argued it’s merits and covered off on it.

and maybe facebook is what keeps us together now (internationally). but really, don’t we all feel a great sense of “fuck that site”? i can’t imagine beard science launching with the same passionate smirk from a facebook newsgroup. it’s a different world than it was when i joined (and i joined late)… we share our discoveries in different ways now, i suppose. undoubtedly, we lost a fair amount when the site migrated and became unfamiliar to so many originals… it felt like we lost some momentum and maybe didn’t gain at the same rate after that, but it was necessary. whatevs.

a really long time ago, i was on the hyperreal email board/message thing; there was a time that i’ll have a tough time explaining to the kids that when i started giving a shit and trying to make my way in music, you either had to know a cool dude, hang at a record store 24/7, or buy and read every magazine super-passionately just to be clued in enough to develop some taste. then the internet showed up and we could have 313@ or IDM@ groups for like-minded folks to talk, make friends, compare styles, and tip each other on to the gems. i worked in a DJ record store until 2007… it was great (no regrets and all) but it was a job and even in a city the size of portland or seattle it wasn’t easy to find like minded enthusiasts for this all-growed-up, everything-is-on-the-table scene. it’s no coincidence that i joined here in 2006 and then decided that being a buyer and working in that gigantic retail coffin was no longer the best way to stay clued into what i loved… the DJ History forum became my stylistic totem, and quickly, on a global level, i was watching people with similar roots, curiosities, loves, discoveries all unearth at the same time.

many of my DJ heroes were on this board. as soon as i got out of high school, i flew to LA and the only DJs I truly wanted to emulate were doc, barry (who soon moved up to the PNW) and michael cook. fuck yeah that he was on this board and holding court! fuck yeah to get the tip from FK! fuck yeah to get the secret download from greg wilson! so many more!

but whatevs to hero worship, there were many more DJs that i learned about from this board that i loved and wanted to hear more of. i can’t list them all. if you made a mystery mix, i listened to it and tried to pick it apart. if you played a low life set (that was successfully recorded) then i listened to that too, probably multiple times, and tried to pick it apart as well. almost all of which, i loved or learned something from.

and then there’s low life. i live in fucking seattle and have never been to england, so… i’ve never been to a low life party. but i always felt like i knew half of the folks in pringle’s photos, and as mentioned on facebook… i’ve got few life goals, but to be knackered at a low life party dancing to debaucherous music surrounded by smiling all-for-it folks and people i only knew by handle… yeah, it may now be too late for me. i understand that there’s one more, but it’s a couple of days before my daughter’s first birthday, and i don’t know if the family will afford me that kind of cross-global commitment. maybe i’ll bring the fam. are toddlers allowed at low life? can someone hold the baby while i get shitty and flail to old or yet unheard records?

this is my plea to keep a lot of these international musical connections continually firing. i’m the worst kind of bystander; i think i’m a contributor but i’m an entrenched consumer, i didn’t start this board, i didn’t throw the party, i didn’t start the label or write the song, i barely kept pushing on in the DJ world after the easy gigs dried up and i couldn’t be arsed to go out and support the folks who would have supported me. but that hasn’t stopped me from buying the records, poring over the mixes, taking the furtive 50 advice, trying to evangelize when and what i can, and trying to follow the lead of the good folks like and bill and frank (and the rest of yous). hit me up on the whatevs social media, if that’s what it takes. let me know that you still love that new record or that forgotten b-side rules or what have you.

also, if there’s something that you think is cool that will help keep us all connected, let me know. i’m a poor worn-out pudgy fucking 9-5 prole who’s always the last to know. if we’re all going to talk funky records and laugh at the new zac efron DJ movie (!) together, reach out and find me. otherwise, much love to you all… and thank you for everything. sincerely.


That nearly brought me to tears the first time around.Maybe a few of us from the old forum, including Cameron can catch up again here, it’s been awhile.


Is anyone still in touch with Cameron? I’ve tried a few emails but they’ve both bounced?

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I’ve DM’d Cameron on Twitter Bill, although I don’t think he’s very active on there.

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Cameron has been a leading light of the Test Pressing Forum for the last 2 yrs still with the Deep Concentration handle. Still writing brilliant, erudite posts too. He will no doubt be back on here soon.


Funnily enough, I just emailed him this morning, so hope to hear from him today. He’s been very much on my mind.


Isn’t that an amazing piece…


you guys are the best. i meant every word!

(though damn - i could use an editor’s touch now and again)

thanks for finding me and bringing me back. i’m excited to be here.


That made me cry a little :heart:


Similar sentiments to mine if I could write as much and still make sense. Like others I’ve kept some scraps from the old site. Screenshots of my last Post Counts - HouseMouse 370; HouseBunny 992 and Mr H 1519. I still have all the Secret Santa CDs that were sent to me. I still have a handful of mixes in an archive along with 500 odd Fingertracks, a couple of selections from the Mix Club challenges are still on my Mixcloud page.
Happily managed to meet Bill a few years ago and hear him play at Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh.
Have managed to stay in contact with some through FB but as ever our lives move on and we take on different responsibilities


I’ll 2nd that, a great contributor over there!