Current R&B goodies

Anyone got any tips for nice/interesting/leftfield R&B. Really like Dawn Richard, Solange and Janelle Monae (both obvs), Fatima, Cleo Sol. Really like Jitwam’s stuff too, his new album (dropping in a few weeks is excellent). Anyone else?


I’ve been really impressed by Adja this year. Maybe not that ‘leftfield’ but reminds me of Cleo Sol:

Meant to post this Yebba one, but i dig them both. This is a small selection of what i played last year, the 2023 stuff is all mixed up in my current digi crates.

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That Dinner Party Album might be my spring soundtrack:

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The Lower East Side track from this is such a jam, The Sudan Archives album from late last year is also a nice snapshot of interesting alt r&b as well.

Check the Futuristica Label especially Georgie Sweet, Deborah Jordan & La Note

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Thanks for this, loads of goodies among these :slight_smile:

Charles & Eddie?

Would I lie to you?

Here’s Eddie, still alt. R&B groovin’ into the 2020’s… try Holy Hell

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Album is superb, I think he’s on with Luke Una this Friday night’s Twitch Stream

Digging this whole album just now