Best Dj compiled comps to Dj with

Hello, I wondered if anyone had any absolute all round weapon compilations, compiled by another DJ, that they’ve caned just about every track off in public at some point? Just stuck on Andy Smith’s Trojan Document to do the house work and reckon I’ve played every track at different gigs. Ideal summer warmers for beer gardens and woozy boozy pub sets.

I’ve caned the John Morales M+M Mixes over the years. And the Disco-Tech series, esp. the Julien Jabre one was cracking value. I think comps can have too much music on them, and it gets a bit overwhelming and in the heat of the moment I go into choice-lock and end up not playing anything.


Pretty much all the Under the Influence series on ZR.


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The Electric Chair compilation - Basement Soul Music - reckon I must have played every track on that out over the years and many multiple times!

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