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A place for all things football. The good, the bad and the ugly……thought it made sense to have its own home on here.

Life long Dundee United supporter. There’s been ups and downs, I’ve been over to Europe with them and seen them lift the Scottish Cup, and I’ve witnessed them on a death spiral and spend years in the Championship. Currently bottom of the SPFL and in massive debt and we’re aping the current govt with the amount of managers we’ve had in the last year.

Also being Scottish, we won’t be bothering the World Cup any time soon. It’s masochism but I keep at it for some reason :rofl:

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Holstein Kiel.

They were really bad for ages, now they recently narrowly missed relegation for 1. Bundesliga, and being stable in the 2.

Miracles happen.


This sums us up, especially with those two up the road.

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That’s round the corner from me. Good lad is Dicko. His pieces are scattered around Leeds and brighten up the place

Although I’m not a Leeds fan, living here for 25 years I’ve enjoyed their recent resurgence and I’m pleased that Loiners have a good side to watch again. I know they are hard to like, but I must say they are never boring


North London Hawks U13. I’m the Manager!

The boys are currently smashing it in the Watford Friendly League. Sunday morning games are one reason my Saturday nights out are very rare. Best hour of the week though, particularly when my lad has a good game.

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Hi Chris - I grew up in Fife and supported DUFC when I was a youth. I have amazing memories of the UEFA cup run. Only went to Tannadice a few times - I found it a bit overwhelming as I was from a village of 1000 people. Am sorry to see the Tangerines fortunes wane over the years. It seems like the rot set in about 15 years ago?

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Derry City FC - Started going with my da back in the 80’s and 90’s then moved away for 20 odd years and it fell by the wayside, although always checked their results. Recently moved back to Donegal which is only 20 miles away and got season tiks for me and 2 sons so we’ve been back this season. They love it even more than I’d hoped, and I’m back in love with it too. Something about following your local team, even if its at a lower level…visited my mate in London a few weeks back and managed to get to emirates for the north London derby. It was good, but I’d a better time a week later watching derry play in front of maybe 4,000? I’m loving it. Even managed to drag my da (whose getting on a bit) to his first game in maybe 20 years last week to see them win the FAI cup in Dublin last weekend…Happy Days!!

Incidentally Chris, I’ve also had a soft spot for the arabs for years now - went to Uni in Dundee in late 90’s (big up the Perth Road massive) and got to Tannadice a few times when I was there. Even took acid there once which made a drab 0-0 draw with Hearts a bit more…interesting. Worked in Laings beer garden for a minute too, think a few of the Utility drank in there. Knew they were casuals but they were never any bother…


Going from the home game against Alkmaar and thinking “this is the best I’ve seen United play in years, we’re going to finish 3rd and at least get a cup final out of this” to relegation certs in just a few months.

Aye, cheers United.



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I grew up a Cape Town Spurs supporter but then their rights were sold to Ajax and that was it for me there. Lots of us tried to follow another team called Seven Stars but they sold their rights as well to Chippa United and that’s kind of how it’s gone. Cape Town Spurs are back apparently but, not the same as being a 13 year old running around a terrace with my new mates. Nobody supported them really besides the kids that finished their matches on the outside fields before they played of which I was one. We won the league once and they crammed the whole crowd into the picture, there were about 200 of us. Bear in mind that up north Kaizer Chiefs routinely get 80,000 to their matches, and you thought Leicester was a fairytale story.

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Realised I forgot to say who my team is in my earlier post. Blackburn Rovers :large_blue_circle::white_circle::rose:

Although I’m now based in enemy territory over the Pennines I grew up following them first in the old second division and all through the glory Jack Walker years and up to our current predicament. We’ve been looking good this season, jockeying for 1st place in the Championship until unfortunately losing 3-0 to our bitter rivals going into the WC break. We’ll probably drop off like we always do, but I’d love to see us back in the promised land as one of only 7 PL Champions :slight_smile:

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Apart from the narrator’s voice this is actually a half decent “bluffers guide” to the Qatar World Cup. Theres a big difference between 7000 migrant workers fatalities and 3, and even though the official line is that people will be free to display LGBT flags I don’t think I’d want to be the first person to test that out…

And on a side note, that new Adidas ball is like big brother for football. As an irishman who still hasn’t got over Henry’s handball I’m all for getting the big calls right, but I can’t help but think something is being lost with all this tech…

Hi mate, yeah in a nutshell, after Craig Levein left things started going south. Then the owner went on a selling spree to recoup his loans to the club but didn’t replace any of the talent and we unravelled from there. Finished 4th last season by some miracle only because other teams around us all took points off each other.

Cut to today, new owners have sunk £13m in (a lot for a club our size) and so we’re in debt to them now and they’re bound to get pissed off with throwing money down a well at some point so it’s not looking great.

Other than that, happy days :smiley:

Ha! I was on Perth Rd last night as it happens. Laing’s is now called the Kilted Kangaroo (wtf?) but I’ve only been in a few times since it changed name. Utility lot, yeah they don’t bite, I know a few of them, or at least the retired ones :smiley:

I walked out the ground that night thinking we were about to have an amazing season, so full of optimism.

It’s the United way :roll_eyes:

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Been following Celtic for about 35 years now. Home and away during the 90’s for my sins. Just home games, semis and finals now.

Had some amazing European trips. Seen us twice in the Camp Nou and we never got beat. Not quite Dundee Utd’s record but still decent. Milan, Paris, Prague, Seville, Hamburg and more.

Always threaten to stop going but never can. Take the kids now and making new memories with them. Like a couple of weeks ago v Dundee Utd (sorry) with another last minute winner. How many times have we done that to Utd over the years?

It’s my other passion but it’s much more of a rollercoaster relationship than music…and I can’t help but feel it’s losing its soul these days.

It was tedious in the 80s and 90s. Now it’s as sure as night follows day.

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Manyoo fan here since '79. Started off eating humble pie, enjoyed the glory years and now back eating humble pie again. But love watching an aul game of footie.

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All my family on my dad’s side are Celtic. My uncle who just recently passed was home and away all his life, including Lisbon in '67. When he was in his 70’s my auntie put it to him he was getting a bit old for going on away euro trips. So the next one that came up he climbed out the bathroom window and went anyway.

The last minute-ers against us are unreal. Bet the house on them. Let’s not about 9-0 at Tannadice either, I was there and it was soul destroying…