Back when vocoders were the sound of the future

Inspired by listening to @GrimsbyRiviera’s own Tribal Rites compilation from a few years ago…

…and to get a few more obvious tracks out the way off the bat - without including Kraftwerk, Miami Bass/Electro tracks or Air

Voice of Q, or…


Skip to 1:30 for full effect.

Glaringly obvious, but

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Sesame Street was so amazing…I learnt rudimentary Spanish as a kid…

My fav vocorder track which I overplay to no end lol Total beach jam.


This thread cannot exist without the presence of Q

1999… jeesh I feel old

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If we’re going there…

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Some of these are vocoders and some of them are talk boxes. :nerd_face:

Vocoder. Talk Box. Different means to the same end. Sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart so I reckon both can be posted.

Definitely talk box in the intro here:

And from 1989, possibly the first time a vocoder was used to sound retro rather than futuristic.

1989 (video lift)