Advice For A Novice (Again)

It’s happened again 10 years after the first time. Inevitable I suppose with all the mixes I’ve been doing for internet radio stations.

I’ve been offered a slot in the Ambient tent at the Kelburn Garden Party. My laptop died at the beginning of the Covid lockdown and everything is now on a desktop PC.

So what preparations and questions do I need to think about?

I guess you’ll need to ask about the setup that will be at the party? Have you been to the event before or played there? The standard sort of equipment for a side stage might be something like a battered DJM900 and some CDJs and maybe an RCF speaker for a monitor. What would you normally do your mixes on at home?

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If the set up includes CDJs with Rekordbox, download the free version and buy yourself a SSD Zip drive. The Scandisk 1Gig one is good for just over £100 I think. It’s pretty easy to use just make sure your format the SSD correctly before you put all your tunes on there.

Generally using a laptop, Serato or Traktor just produces multiple points of headache, especially if you’ve got people on before or after you.

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£100 for a zip drive seems a bit pricey especially since this might be a one-off as I’ll be 72 on the date of this party. While I recognise the names Rekordbox, Serato & Traktor I have no idea how to use them. Had thought that all I would need was a couple of USB sticks that would go in the CDJs. Could use real CDs I suppose.

If it’s a one off then yes, I agree. CDs a cheaper alternative for sure but a bit more time consuming.

Hope you enjoy it anyway, that’s the main thing!

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